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All traditional systems of health and wellbeing agree: the root of lasting health is seated in nutrition and proper digestion. The innate healing powers of the body are profound, but illness arises when we are over-loaded with stress and toxins from too much work, not enough sleep, and especially processed foods and their toxic metabolic byproducts.  The most effective and lasting method for cultivating long-term health is by skillfully selecting the appropriate foods and herbs for your individual constitution, the season of year, and your personal health goals.

Mojohito has been trained in nutrition and traditional healing arts with world renowned therapist Paul Pitchford, author of the landmark text on the subject, Healing with Whole Foods, Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition.

Paul writes:

The quality whole foods approach works at the foundations of healing, that is, it acts as a foundation for all healing systems. Newer developments in science are beginning to value foundational medicine as well; these approaches are sometimes referred to as “systems biology, integrative medicine, and functional medicine.” From the perspective of the Healing-with-Whole-Foods paradigm, it is not just food alone, but also other priorities that nurture us deeply and eternally. Awareness practices primarily represent this function. Meditation, prayer and other ways of quieting and focusing the mind and fortifying the spirit are in fact a priority in healing, providing clear guidance regarding which food and other lifestyle choices are most effective.
(via healingwithwholefoods.com)

In addition to whole-foods nutrition, Mojohito has studied herbal medicine from a planetary perspective with pioneers of the herbal renaissance, Michael and Leslie Tierra as well as David Crow, founder of Floracopeia Botanical Treasures.  Mojohito can recommend herbal remedies and help make sense of the herbs and supplements aisles at your local health-food store, with special attention paid to safe use of essential oils.

The ancient healing lineages of Taoism, Ayurveda, and Yoga articulate a subtle energetic anatomy that forms the foundation for our physical and mental manifestations.  The meridians of classical Chinese medicine, the doshas elucidated by Ayurveda, and the inner winds called vaiyus described in Yogic texts are examples of a subtle, symbolic worldview for describing health and illness. Mojohito has studied this subtle anatomy and practiced techniques to cultivate smoothly flowing Qi or Prana. Working on the level of the subtle anatomy is a cornerstone of his approach.

Mojohito has studied with extraordinary teachers of yoga philosophy, meditation and asana including Brandy Davis and David Fishman, Lama Marut, Cindy Lee, Mira Shani & Jarret Levine, Jai Dev Singh and others, with whom he is pursuing advanced training.  Mojohito has extensively studied shiatsu acupressure massage, internal and external qigong, and tai ji under the guidance of Matthew SweigartFa Jun Shakya, and of course Paul Pitchford at Heartwood Institute.

Mojohito teaches classes that blend principals of nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, healing movement, and awareness practices. He offers a practical entry to grassroots healthcare with techniques learners can apply immediately, and a cosmological scope that inspires contemplation and self-study.  Mojohito’s students have reported that his classes are rich and engaging, while Mojohito himself brings a grounded, attentive, and compassionate air into the learning space.

A consultation with Mojohito begins with a thorough health history interview.  You will learn about your unique personal constitution, and what lifestyle behaviors will nurture or agitate your state of health. Together, you decide practical, realistic steps that will have profound effect on your health. Mojohito continues to be available to you to correspond with as you make progress on your healing journey.

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