Therapeutic Massage

Heatherlee offers therapeutic deep tissue massage, personal yoga instruction, and movement analysis consultations to those seeking to improve their relationship and ease within their physical body. Whether your goals are to gain freedom from pain, increase your flexibility, or improve physical performance, Heatherlee will work with you on an individual basis to find the best course of treatment and exercise for you. The bodywork that Heatherlee offers is based on a deep understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy, kinesiology, as well as the anatomy of the subtle body as taught in the ancient traditions of yoga. The massage therapy offered is best described as Specific Therapeutic Deep Tissue- a modality that she is developing.

Specific Therapeutic Deep Tissue

As a new client, you will fill out a health intake form, including goals for your massage sessions. Heatherlee will review this intake with you to build a set of goals based upon your level of health and your symptom picture. If needed, a brief posture and gait analysis will be done to locate specific muscles and muscle fibers which are pulling your body structures out of alignment and preventing optimal movement.

Massage sessions begin with relaxing Swedish massage technique and will progress into specific deep tissue focusing on areas of muscle tension. Heatherlee is careful to provide effective treatment while never over treating an area. She seeks to creates a relationship of well informed trust that encourages communication and feedback between client and therapist to ensure that the treatments are effective as well as enjoyable. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Heatherlee incorporates breathwork into all of her massages. Guiding the client with breath and visualization encourages the nervous system to switch from the fight-or-flight mode (sympathetic nervous system) to the rest-and-digest mode (parasympathetic nervous system) which will best facilitate your body in allowing change to take place. Deep breathing also helps to activate the circulatory and lymph systems of your body to bring fresh oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and joints while cleansing your tissues of toxins. There may be soreness for a day or two after a deep tissue massage while your muscles adjust to new movement patterns, but never more than the soreness from a good exercise workout.

The initial massage session requires between an hour and a half to two hours, to allow for intake, goal setting and the first massage session. Following massage sessions require between an hour to an hour and a half to allow for thorough relaxation and release of tension patterns.

Each massage is paid for per session, not per hour, because you cannot expect relaxation to occur to a ticking timer.

Posture and Gait Analysis

For those with chronic pain, recent accidents or for athletes wishing to increase their physical performance, Heatherlee offers in depth posture and gait analysis. You will come with close fitting clothes, such as a bathing suit, leotard, or yoga clothes so that Heatherlee can clearly see major body landmarks. Looking at front, back, and side perspectives, the relationship between the position of your joints will be compared and charted to assess which muscles and muscle groups are too short (tension pulling too strongly) and which are too long (lax, not pulling enough to balance), creating uneven wear and tear on your joints and imbalanced tension in your muscles. The greater the imbalance, the greater the feeling of tension, fatigue and strain you can experience as your muscles try to work against force of gravity as you carry out daily activities. If you chose, Heatherlee will take digital photos of the various perspectives to map out the postural imbalance for you to see for yourself.

Following the posture analysis, a gait analysis will be done to compare how the two sides of your body are transferring force and carrying weight, offering more clues as to which joints and muscles groups are over worked and which are allowing pain patterns to develop. Just like with any force in nature, the longer the forces of gravity act on a structure, the more drastic the pattern manifestations become and the more effort is required to reverse those patterns.

After the posture and gait analysis, there will be a follow up meeting in which Heatherlee will present you with a document containing the found imbalances (and ways in which you are already in balance) and exercises, stretches and massage therapy techniques for helping you to achieve the greatest physical structural balance. At this point, this document and photos can be taken for your own use, for use with another therapist (such as chiropractors, doctors or surgeons), or for use in developing a series of massage sessions and exercise regiments to bring your body structures into a state of ease, relaxation and balance.

Personal Yoga Instruction

Heatherlee has been practicing asana yoga for over 9 years- a third of her life. It continues to improve her quality of life profoundly. When she first began practicing yoga, she weighed 230 pounds and constantly had low back, shoulder and neck pain. By practicing physical yoga once a week, combined with positive thought and healthier dietary practices, she was able to strengthen her muscles and move her breath, blood, and prana enough that she began to transform physically as well as mentally, and emotionally. She has lost over 80 pounds, and has gained personal strength, humor, a greater sense of peace, and respect for the journey of other’s toward health and vitality.

In order to better serve her clients, Heatherlee is a student of yoga instruction so that she can share this power practice. In a private yoga class, Heatherlee will incorporate your personal goals and current physical and energetic state to develop a series of breathing exercises, yoga poses, and meditation practices so that you can begin improving your health and happiness starting where you are at right now. You can either schedule one private class to get gain the understanding and confidence to get started in taking group yoga classes or you can schedule a series of classes to work on a specific physical concern. Combining specific and personally tailored yoga classes with a series of massage therapy sessions is the most effective and direct way of addressing your physical ailments.

Payment and Compensation

$80 Initial intake and massage session- running between 1.5 hours to 2 hours
$70 massage session- running between 1 hour to 1.5 hours
$45 posture and gait analysis- 1 hour including half hour follow up meeting

Sliding Scale
$45- $60 If you are a student, single parent, parent of a new born,
divorced within 1 year, lost a loved one within 1 year, or unemployed.

Heatherlee understands what it is like to need treatment that you cannot afford. If this is your current situation, please write to Heatherlee personally to discuss trade that seems that it honors what you offer and what Heatherlee offers. If trade of your time and skill is how you can pay, Heatherlee will require you to do an agreed upon amount of yoga or meditation.

Life is too short to not help others get what they need. All good things come from helping others.

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